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Experience the world’s most comprehensive new product database.
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Benefit from fresh data daily, captured by 1,200 in-country researchers. Innova’s unrivaled New Product Database updates with more than 600,000 unique records each year. Quickly and easily examine NPD strategies.


Our records cover 300 subcategories across the food, beverage, household, beauty and personal care sectors. Giving you the ability to search multiple fields for granular level understanding.

Never miss out on the latest innovation

New Products Database

The world’s most extensive and dynamic CPG database . Detailed records covering 250+ different product claims and 1,500+ nutritional information points.


Expert analysis of the latest launch trends. Gain up to date insights on the impact of product innovation across categories and locations.


At Innova we can turn our resources toward sophisticated analysis to meet your specific needs. Providing targeted research and defining spaces for growth.

Accelerate your innovation journey now



Pinpoint and quantify product trends and gaps that offer new opportunities for growth and innovation.


Discover what’s behind new products, including market positioning, formulation and on-pack claims, to inform your early concept creation.


Build an informed development brief using the most accurate, up to date and complete product launch data.

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Remain in the know when it comes to the products defining the future of your sector. Check out some key insights from launches and innovations worldwide.
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Making sustainability a dairy alt calling card
Innova Market Insights has identified sustainability as one of three key areas which are influencing consumer behavior currently ...
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Premium makeup bouncing back
After lockdowns led to a drop in color cosmetic usage, new opportunities are available to help premium makeup ...
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Local Cuisines Crossing Borders
Almost half of consumers globally agree with the statement: “I am increasingly looking for cuisines from other countries.” ...

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