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Track changes in consumer lifestyles and behavior by demographic, category and market.
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Every year, Innova conducts a series of global surveys. Using trusted specialist panel providers, we capture 35 million consumer data points annually. Tracking changing motivators, drivers and behaviors.


Our analysis digs deeper to identify how consumers are engaging with trends and categories. Discover what’s influencing choices by demographics, psychographics and geography.

Unlock a world of consumer insights

Consumer Database​

Dive into the full range of Innova’s surveys. Apply the knowledge we’ve captured and carry out your own personal analysis.

Consumer Genius​

This Innova Dashboard enables you to pinpoint the key consumer insights you need. Results are visualized and ready to use.


Our macro trends and consumer reports provide specialist analysis to guide and inspire your business planning.


Innova’s Consumer Insights team can carry out customized surveys along with analysis geared to your specific needs.

Accelerate your innovation journey now



Explore how macro consumer trends and demographic differences are shaping future needs and demands.


Understand purchase drivers and dynamics impacting consumer choices across and within categories.


Identify pointers for product development, marrying your innovation to known consumer requirements.

Be Inspired

The world of innovation never stands still. Neither do Innova insights. Grab a taste of what consumers are telling Innova and what that means for your next success story.
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