Consumer Trends 2023

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Consumer Trends 2023

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From the industry-defining global insights of Innova’s annual Top Ten Trends to what’s shaping individual categories and ingredients. Benefit from proven forecasting based on robust data and an Insights 360 approach for fully rounded analysis.

From macro to granular

Global megatrends
Major global forces impacting consumers and industry
Consumer trends
Macro themes representing changing lifestyles, attitudes and behavior
Food & Beverage trends
Key trends that are developing across and within categories
Ingredients, flavor & packaging trends
Granular level movements tracked via new product launches

Trending now

From flavors to packaging, category trends to consumer behavior. Stay ahead of the most significant trends. Discover what’s new and emerging and the future implications for the sector.

Woman hand throwing saccharin pills on coffee cup in the kitchen at home.
  • Ingredient
  • Sugar
Sugar Substitute Market
Here is what you need to know about the relationship between sweeteners for sugar reduction and its latest developments ...
global bakery trends
  • Bread & Bakery
Bakery Trends 2023
The category is experiencing significant shifts ...
Global Trends in Plant-Based
  • Plant-Based
Plant-Based Trends
Aside from cell-based technology, microalgae technology is also revealing itself as a potential ...
Hands holding health supplement tablets and the bottle
  • Ingredient
  • Supplement
Supplement Trends
Explore the latest trends in the supplements market, including the rise of personalized nutrition ...
Healthy Fruits and seeds
  • Consumer
  • Ingredient
Food and Beverage Fiber Trends 2023
Fiber is appearing in more F&B categories than before following increased consumer awareness ...
Mature Woman choosing yoghurt at Groceries Shopping
Consumer Trends 2023
Consumers place health benefits as the top priority when considering the focus of new F&B products ...
Gen-Z in a café having coffee
  • Consumer
  • Gen Z
  • Ingredient
Gen Z Trends
Let’s look at the factors driving Gen Z’s taste preferences and highlights of the latest flavor trends ...
Father and his cute daughter buying fruits in super marker
  • Category
Top Ten Trends for 2023
Check the top ten latest trends in the food and beverage industry for 2023 ...
Tea blend in a mortar and pestle with pots and cups of black tea
  • Coffee
  • Flavor
  • Tea
Coffee and Tea Trends
The hot coffee and tea sector is witnessing shifts in flavor trends, driven by consumer interests in innovative combinations ...
Young male going through the grocery bill at the mall
  • Consumer
Consumer impact of food inflation
Actions to reduce spend look set to increase with 2 in 5 consumers expecting to spend less in 2023 ...

Trusted CPG intelligence

Innova’s wide-ranging, annual global surveys reveal the views and realities driving consumer choices. The Innova Database drills into the exact detail underpinning innovation. Our expert analysts and in-country researchers keep pace with the influences and challenges shaping industry actions. Combined, this makes for the most layered and trusted CPG trends intelligence.

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Consumer Trends: Opportunities for 2024
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