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Discover trends and drivers shaping CPG categories now and for the future.
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Innova specializes in food, beverages, beauty, household and personal care. Our worldwide team of experts offers in-depth analysis. From the latest innovations to purchasing dynamics across 300 subcategories in 35+ countries.

Detailed competitor intelligence identifies companies and brands driving the innovation agenda in your category. Innova’s data reveals current and projected market sizes by value, volume and per capita consumption.

Access the now and next in every category

Market Sizing Database

Instant access to value, volume and per capita consumption data for an extensive range of categories. Analyze, group and chart results easily and clearly.

Category Genius

Focus in on the key category insights you need. This dashboard draws from a comprehensive range of data, presented in a format ready for you to use.


We publish a range of reports detailing what’s driving categories now and what’s coming next. From lighter touch reviews to our in-depth analytical publications.


At Innova we can turn our resources toward sophisticated analysis to meet your specific needs. Providing targeted research and defining spaces for growth.

Accelerate your innovation journey now



Identify fast-growing markets and the trends that are driving growth in your category.


Size opportunities and learn from the NPD strategies of competitor companies and brands.


Use insight into category trends and purchase drivers to focus your concept development.

Be Inspired

Staying on top of the latest developments is key to understanding categories. See some of the themes defining future market direction.

Teen girl holding a piece of chocolate with a smiling face
  • confectionery
Impact of confectionery treats
As highlighted in “Revenge Spending” - Innova’s number 8 Top Ten Trend for 2023 – little treats ...
Supplements in different formats like capsules, tablets, fresh fruits, fruit juice and a smoothie near a blender filled with ingredients.
  • Consumer
  • Supplement
COVID-19 shifts the focus in supplementation
Within supplements NPD, immune health is the single most important claim, with more ...
Pet food trends
  • Category
  • Product
Pet food trends reflect parental care
Pet foods should be free from the same ingredients their humans avoid. Ingredient information ...

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