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About Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights is a global leader in market intelligence for the food, beverage, beauty, personal care and household goods industries. We work with many of the leading companies around the world, helping them to understand how fast-moving markets are evolving and what’s next.


Innova produces hundreds of reports every year covering CPG Markets around the globe. Our robust consumer surveys track lifestyle, attitudes and behaviors, while Innova’s industry leading Top Ten Trends showcase the developments shaping future growth opportunities.

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Innova collaborates with FoodX

Serving as a gateway for (inter) national business in Food&Agriculture, FoodX will build on the 2023 Top Ten Trends of Innova Market Insights to launch a series of insightful talks. Innova’s

Read more

Innova in the news

A wide variety of publications and outlets feature Innova’s analysis, insights and experts. Here are just a few examples of Innova in the news:


Food Business News

Upcycled ingredient development on the upswing. Read more

Innova ranks value as top trend for consumers. Read more



Out-of-home habits are evolving – and so are the related business opportunities. Read more

Creative, quick quality and convenience-plus: The future of frozen. Read more


Wall Street Journal
Why so many products on grocery store shelves claim they help your immune system. Read more


Canadian Grocer

How retailers and producers can boost meat sales. Read more

6 food trends to watch. Read more

Institute of Food Technologists

Healthy growth for hybrid beverages. Read more

Digital & tech flavors – developing trends through social media. Read more

Nutritional Outlook

Health benefits outrank affordability in food and drink priorities, Innova’s latest consumer survey shows. Read more

Joint effort: Food and drink brands teach customers about their own carbon footprints. Read more

Prepared Foods

Sugar reduction remains a priority for consumers and manufacturers. Read more

Gen Z consumers influence everything from taste to expansive food and beverage trends.  Read more


Financial Times
Soaring pea costs set to hit plant-based meat producers. Read more

Webinars and events

Innova Market Insights stages presentations at many of the world’s CPG tradeshows, and hosts a series of webinars throughout the year. For a full list, head to our events section.


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