REPORT Convenience, COVID and the consumer

The COVID pandemic caused a seismic shift in consumer actions, drivers and demands. There was a necessity for increased digital engagement, a boom in delivery services and heightened kitchen confidence as home cooking became a wider social and creative activity. Lockdowns altered consumer attitudes to convenience in food and beverage products, and the effects persisted as society reopened.  

Innova’s analysts have examined these changes and what they mean for the sector now and in the future. This report looks at trends in the convenience food and beverage arena, with a particular focus on how the COVID-19 pandemic shifted consumer behavior. It looks at the heightened demands for quality as an added value to convenience in home cooking, shopping and food delivery (both grocery and foodservice). It also considers how the pandemic pushed many consumers to adopt a digital lifestyle more quickly. In so doing, it changed consumer uptakes of convenient meal solutions both during the pandemic and into the future. 

Discover how COVID altered consumer beliefs, values and priorities. See what the lasting effect of the pandemic has been on behaviors and how this fits into more normalized, busier routines. 

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