Safe Sender Instructions

Kindly add the following domains and to your safe senders list to receive our emails. Here's How:

graphic - girl sends envelope

Outlook (Web Version)

  1. Click the settings icon, which is located near your profile image in the upper right corner.
  2. A dropdown menu will appear, with the option to "View all Outlook settings" at the very bottom.
  3. pop-up window will display after choosing "View all Outlook settings." Select Mail from the popup menu. Junk Mail may be accessed via Mail.
  4. When you pick Junk Mail, you will see Safe senders and domains. Add to the list by clicking the Add button
  5. Finally, at the bottom of the pop-up, click Save.

Outlook (App Version)

  1. When the desktop app is launched, make sure you are in the "Home" tab found at the top left.
  2. From the Home tab you will find the Delete section. In the delete section you will find "Junk"
  3. Once Junk is clicked on a drop-down is shown and click on the last option labeled "Junk E-mail Options", then a popup will be displayed with one of the tabs labeled "Safe Senders".
  4. Once on Safe Senders click on the Add button and type our domains and, then click on "OK" then finally on "Apply".


  1. Drag and drop an email from the current tab to "Primary" tab.
  2. A message alert will appear with, "This conversation has been moved to primary. Do this for all future messages from".
  3. Select "Yes".


  1. When opening an email message, at the top of the email you will have a menu bar with icons.
  2. At the menu bar you will have a 3 dots icon next to the Spam icon.
  3. Click the 3 dots and a small drop-down will appear. At the very bottom you will have "Add sender to contacts", kindly click it.
  4. On the right hand side a new screen will appear to fill in details about the contact.
  5. Fill in the first name as Innova Market Insights and make sure the domains are and, then click Save.

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